Making paper sculptures
for positive change.

I’m a Bristol-based artist, illustrator and art director working with kick-ass agencies, charities and brands who are doing marvellous things for people and planet!

I specialise in creating handcrafted paper sculptures using sustainable materials for events, editorial, advertising and awareness campaigns.

The collaborations I am involved in aim to connect, raise awareness, tell a story and inspire positive change for a brighter future. My work enables clients to make complex issues simple and relate them to people’s every-day lives. 

I work with a range of talented photographers, videographers and animators who capture the organic and imperfect charm of my creations. Smaller projects are produced in-house where I’m able to offer storyboarding, illustration, set design, photography, animation and retouching. I also love to collaborate with agencies and production companies on larger scale projects.

As well as the commercial work, I speak at events about my art and its connection to the environment and I also run workshops encouraging play and imagination with paper. 

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